Thursday, 14 May 2015

Beauty DIY : Homemade Coconut & Lemon Lip Scrub

Last year I made this lip scrub a lot. Since we're coming into winter I thought I would make some again.
My lips can get quite dry and cracked this time of year. Using this lip scrub helps nourish and hydrate my lips and more importantly helps ensure my lipstick applies smoothly. Which is the most important thing right?!
If you love the smell of lemon and coconut, you will adore this simple and easy beauty DIY.


 You Will Need:

White Sugar
Coconut Oil
Pawpaw Ointment
Small Container


Combine together in a bowl:
4 teaspoons of white sugar
2 teaspoons of coconut oil
1 teaspoon of paw paw ointment
Juice from 1/4 of a lemon
Mix until you get a smooth consistency then just spoon it into the container.

Finished Product:

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Have A Look Inside My Handbag : Marc Jacobs

Hope everyone is having an amazing week so far, I certainly am.
Today I helped my dad out at his business, then saw my gorgeous wee niece this afternoon and played with her in her new princess tent which she calls her cake house ha weird little toddler.
I love seeing what's inside other peoples handbags. I guess it's just that little nosey part in me.
So today I thought I'd share the contents handbag with you.
I try and keep my bag clean and organised with no rubbish or anything in the wrong place. Makes life a bit more in order. Messy bag = Messy life. Well or me anyway.
Ow yeah I normally keep my phone in my bag as well but it is charging so totally forgot about it.

1. Marc By Marc Jacobs stripe tote.
2. Hello Kitty Camera Case.
3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Wallet.
4. Sunglasses Case.
5. Keys + Keychain.
6. Typo Coin Purse.
7. Hello Kitty Notebook.
8. Typo 2015 Diary.
9. Typo Makeup Bag.
Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Product Review : Skinfood Exfolating Scrub

Hey everyone. Long time no see. It's a dark rainy day here in Rotorua and remembered how much I miss blogging so thought I'd get back into it again. So... Welcome to my first post in a long, long time. I thought I would kick things off with a in depth review of a skin care product that I've been using a lot of lately.

Skinfood Exfoliating Scrub


I have tried so many scrubs in the past as I'm sure a lot of you have as well. But I can honestly say now that this is the best I have ever used and it's even made in New Zealand. Read on to see what I thought about this product.

What It Says On The Back Of The Tube:

With walnut shell, cucumber extract, manuka honey, aloe vera, sweet almond & lime to cleanse, Skinfood Exfoliating Scrub refreshes tired skin.
(I don't know what that all means but it sounds good to me)
Apply generously onto moist skin, massage well with fingertips, rinse off with water and restore skin with your Skinfood Moisturiser.

First Impressions:

I had heard some good things about this scrub from many people, so that's probably the main reason I purchased this product. Second reason was the price, it was around $12NZD, which for a good quality scrub is a steal and if I didn't end up loving the scrub then it's not too expensive for me to kind of go meh and move on. Third reason is quite funny actually, it's visually appealing to me and thought it would look nice in my shower caddy. You're lying if you say it's not somewhat important, either that or I'm just a tad crazy but either way it's the truth.

Using The Product:

You really don't need to use much for each application. Although I do have a bad habit of squeezing out more product then I need and wasting it. A habit I'm trying to break.
It doesn't have an over powering smell, which I like because I get sick of scents quite easy.
It's not too gritty or anything so it won't harm the skin or in turn hurt your face, even for my quite sensitive skin it feels nice when I massage this into my skin.
I use this product 3 times per week or every second day if I feel I need an extra deep cleanse on that particular day.
Even after the first time I used this, it left my skin feeling soft and really clean. Didn't dry it out at all which a lot of scrubs can do.

Final Thoughts:

After using this scrub for awhile, my skin is more clear than it's been for a long time. It feels super soft and even my blackheads seem to be clearing away. So this is definitely a product that has become my holy grail. I honestly sat here for ages trying to think of something negative to say about this product but honestly couldn't think of anything. So next time you're in the market for a new face exfoliant, give this bad boy a go. You won't be sorry. This gets a 5/5 from me.

Skinfood Website

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Let's Get Out Of Debt And Save Some Cash

Okay so with future life plans in place I seriously need to get serious (yes) about getting out of debt and saving some of my hard earned cash. If you too need to get out of debt or even just save some extra cash, some of my tips may come in handy.


Getting Out Of Debt...

So with debt, bad or good it's easy to get down on yourself and kind of in a way blame yourself for what you got into. We're not feeling that way anymore! The only way to shrink the debt and reclaim your life is to get over it. It happened, it's there so let's just own it and pay it all off as quickly as we can. These are the 5 simple steps I have set up for myself so give it a go!

1. Set yourself a realistic goal that you can stick to. For me 2015 is the year for becoming debt free and I have worked out that is a very realistic goal that I can stick to and not slip up.
2. Make a list of ALL your debt with the exact amount you need to pay off (include account fees that will be included within the time you're paying off your debt).
3. Put together a weekly (or fortnightly) budget of your incoming dollars. Account for rent/board, food, gas and all the other everyday slash weekly life expenses.
4. Remember to save some 'other' cash for yourself. It's not going to last and be realistic if you're putting all your 'play' money on your debt. Depends on your life style obviously but $100 of play money is a good amount for me per week. So when I do need say a new foundation or want to go out for dinner with friends I can and don't have to dip into my savings (more on savings soon).
5. Don't give up! Imagine the feeling of being all debt free and well intern feeling free!

Saving Cash...

So for saving money I have set up 2 separate savings accounts with my bank.
One is a long term savings account which will help me with my business ventures in the next few years. Which I cannot touch anytime soon and I kind of made sure the bank adds a fee (which I do not want to pay) if I do touch it. Naughty, naughty!
The other is a short term savings account or simple saver as the bank calls it. This account is for unexpected things such as; new tyres for my car or other things that just pop up in life. Which I can use a few times with no account fees coming out.
I have made a plan which I plan to stick to. My plan is $50 each week will be put into both accounts. Yes every week. Louise I do mean every week!
If I don't touch my long term account for a year it will have $2400 plus interest.
Now seriously $100 per week may sound like a massive chunk of cash to save but even the short term account or what I call my rainy day fund, will take away so much stress when you do need things that life just plants on your lap.

It's easy to say just start off being money smart and you'll never have a problem. But I mean as long as we can handle it and not get too over whelmed all will be good. It's just about taking control of your finances and your life. So let's do it together and get out of debt and save some god damn' cash!

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Monday, 13 October 2014

What They Do : Foundation

Today i'm here to talk all about foundation. It is made to even out skin tone, hide imperfections and a lot of other things. Foundation now comes in many forms with many different finishes and benefits. It will take a while to find your true love foundation but once you do it will be worth all the trial and error. To help not get too many ones you dislike and waste money, you need to exactly what you are looking for and want out of a foundation before purchasing.


Understanding Different Types Of Finishes:
To understand what types of foundations are best for you and what you need, in your kit or for yourself, you need to understand what the different finishes mean with foundation and then it will be easier to decide what you want/need.
Matte – Powder type finish with no shine.
Satin – Does not have a shine to it but more of a sheen to it.
Semi-Matte – This finish is a good mix between satin and matte. Kind of more natural looking.
Dewy/Glossy – I describe this finish at a wet look. Not my favourite finish to be honest. Unless you have mature skin I would step away from this. In saying that, in winter time this foundation is less drying.

Skin Type:
Normal/Dry Skin: For these skin types, a satin or dewy foundation would be better. If you use a matte finish foundation, then powder it sometimes it can make your skin appear dryer which is not ideal.
Combination/Oily Skin: For these skin types, a matte or semi-matte foundation is a good choice. A matte finish helps more with shine and a semi-matte is a good more natural option.

Different Consistencies:
Liquid: Liquid is well, liquid. It comes in heaps of different ways like pump bottles and pour bottles. It also comes in all types of coverage and finishes as well. This is my personal favourite because it is the cleanest and most hygienic option. Well I sure think so.
Cream: Cream foundation normally comes in a pot. When I use creams I get a spatula to transfer from the pot to the lid and then put my brush in the lid. Is more hygienic but can take a while if doing for everyday use. You can still use your clean fingers but with this type of foundation, using your fingers most of the time makes it lower coverage. Perfect if that is what you are looking for. Creams sometimes have both a matte and a satin aka sheen finish.
Mousse/Foam: This type of foundation you need to shake then you can use. It kind of foams up when you release it from the bottle. So press lightly at first. Less if more with this product. It may look like a little but a little goes a very long way. Most, yes I say most mousse foundations have a matte aka powder like finish but for most skin types, will still need to powder over top. Well I would recommend it anyway for a longer lasting finish.

Understanding your skin undertones, will help you choose the right toned foundation for you. Having a foundation with the wrong tone is a mistake that no one should ever make. Easier to tell what tone you have than you would think. I am yellow which is a warm, undertone. Here is a little in sight to knowing what you are:
Cool - Pink, red or blue. Look for:  Neutral or pink based foundations.
Warm - Yellow, golden or peach. Look for: Yellow or peach based foundations.

There are many types of different types of coverage you can get from foundations. From Sheer to full coverage. Full does not mean cakey. This is something that most are confused by. Foundation becomes cakey mostly when you wear a lighter coverage foundation but try to slap on more layers than you need. Or when you use the full coverage that you ant but do not blend it in correctly.
Sheer – Almost transparent coverage with most of your natural skin showing through.
Light – A light coverage foundation hides un-evenness but does not conceal anything like freckles at all.
Light/Medium – This type of coverage helps hide discolouration, blotchiness and some freckles.
Medium – Almost full coverage with little of your skin showing through.
Full – Complete coverage with none of your natural skin showing through.

Anti-Aging: These types of foundation more commonly come in a dewy finish. Which is more flattering to mature skin. I would not recommend using one of these products if you do not need it. Especially if you are using an anti-aging skincare and that is all your skin needs. Using one with the other when you don’t need it, may make your skin become more problematic than you would like. Moisturising and firming foundation is mostly always a good option for the more mature skin.

Blemishes: Foundations that are created to help blemish skin normally have some kind of drying ingredient in them also. If you have dry skin with blemishes this may spur on the problem.  For oily skin these kind of foundations can be a great thing to try and use, especially an oil-free formula .

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Beauty DIY : Eyelash Growth Serum

We all wish we were blessed with long, healthy eyelashes. Although you can do things such as tinting them to make them appear longer but if they are longer than you will never have to pick up those fake lashes again. This is an easy and cheap DIY recipe that you can do at home. Using everyday really does make a world of difference.

My lashes after using eyelash serum.


1/2 Teaspoon Coconut Oil
1 Small Container
1 Teaspoon Vaseline
1 Teaspoon Aloe Vera


1. Pour all ingredients into empty container.
2. Mix together well.
3. Using a small thin brush apply thin layer to the upper lash line on clean dry skin.

Apply the serum at night after your night time beauty routine for desired results.

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Friday, 3 October 2014

My Favourite Blogs

Yay it's Friday! Hope your week has gone well so far. I'm not really up to much this weekend. Just chilling out in Rotorua and going to catch up with one of my besties, which I am so excited about like you have no idea. It's so cold today burrrr and the heat pump is making weird noises so I turned it off. Snuggle blankie time I think!
Days like today (rainy and cold) are the best for just watching Youtube and reading blogs right?! So I thought i'd share my top 5 blogs with you. Let me know what blogs you're loving lately.

photo 4

mr price look

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Halloween DIY Makeup

Now that it's October it's time to get in the Halloween spirit. I love this time of year, dressing up and especially all the parties. If you don't have all the fancy blood and cosmetics to help you with your costume, no need to worry. This DIY is a sure fire way to make sure you are well prepared for this super fun time of year. Give it a go and have a play around for the effect you are looking for.

Halloween is coming. | via Tumblr

DIY Ghoulish Face Makeup 

1 teaspoon of corn starch
1/2 teaspoon of water
1/2 teaspoon of cold cream
Food coloring to add desired effect

1.Stir together the starch and cold cream until it is well blended together. Add water and stir, then add the food coloring.

2. On a clean and dry face apply the makeup. Use your fingertips to spread onto large areas. Use a small paint brush to paint designs on face. The makeup can be easily removed with soap and water. 

DIY Blood

Bottle of corn syrup
Hot water
Little squirt of liquid soap
Red food colouring

1. Pour the corn syrup into a bowl and add hot water, adding and stirring until you have the desired consistency.
2. Add a wee squirt of liquid soap to make the blood easy to clean off later on. Add red food coloring. You can add a drop of blue or green if you like to make the blood a darker color
3. Pop in the refrigerator until ready to use. Smear on as needed!

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Be Hygienic : Makeup

Why hello October! In this post I will talk about the importance of good hygiene when it comes to cosmetics. At home and away there are a few ways to protect yourself from being exposed to things like yucky bacteria lurking. So read on if you want to be in the know when it comes to being clean and hygienic, when it comes to all things makeup.


General Cleanliness:

Personal hygiene and general cleanliness are very important. Especially when you are; touching anywhere near your face. Ensure you thoroughly clean your hands and nails before makeup application. Also I would recommend not keeping your makeup anywhere where it may get infected or dirtied by another product or item. It is easier to keep everything together and clean.

Should Someone Use My?:

Of course it is fun to have a get together and play with each other’s makeup. Never ever mascara though there is no question about that. If someone uses your eyeliner, give it a sharpen and a wipe before using it on yourself again. Clean brushes before and after someone else uses them. Most other products can be easily wiped clean back to aye okay condition.

At The Makeup Counter:

At makeup counters all testers have been poked, tried, dropped… You name it. When trying products on make sure creams are wiped, sanitized with alcohol and tools are clean. Never apply a product directly from the packaging to your face. For products such as mascara and lip-gloss, disposable wands are a great way to stay clean.

Keeping Your Collection Clean:

When having a clean-up, spray your makeup with isopropyl alcohol. This will dry quickly, so it can be sprayed directly to your makeup products. Your mascara wand can be cleaned and sanitized by running it under hot water and then spraying with isopropyl alcohol. This will keep your mascara wand clean and it will work better than a dirty one. It is never ever a bad idea to keep all your makeup in a constant state of sanitation.

Hygiene Tips For Artists And Their Makeup Kits:

If you can, clean and wipe all tools and products in front of your client to make sure they know you are hygienic and clean. Products should also be clean in between clients as well. Use a clean spatula to scrape products from containers and place them on a palette. For powder products, remove the top layer with a tissue. Keep disposable wands in your kit for mascara application and never ever double dip the wand into the tube. Sanitize pencils by sharpening them between clients. Do not forget to clean your sharpener each time too. When working with a client, use a spatula or a cotton bud to place lip stick or lip gloss on a palette and apply with a lip brush. Use isopropyl alcohol to sanitize any tools. Be sure the alcohol has evaporated before using any tools on the client.

Love always,
Louise XoXo.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Makeup : How Long Should I Keep?

I always get asked this question: 'How long should I keep my makeup for, before binning it?'
I mean everyone has their own answers to this question but I wrote up kind of a guideline that you can follow for this.


Mascara: Replace your mascara after 3 months of opening. Mascara has the shortest life span of all make up because the risk of transferring bacteria is so great. If your mascara starts to dry out beforehand bin it.

Pencils: Cosmetic pencils can be kept up to 2 years. To make sure you are keeping clean, sharpen before each application.

Eye Shadow: Liquid shadows should last about 12 months. Powder shadows will keep about 2 years.

Lip Stick: These will last about two years

Blushers And Powder: Discard your cream blushes after a year, powder blushers and other powder products after about 2 years.

Foundations And Concealers: Most foundations will last about 18 months. Oil free lasts a bit less, around 12 months.

If products change in consistency or smell, you should bin straight away. Some items have a live date on them to indicate how long you should keep them when open. If storing non open products, keep in a cool dry place.

Love always,
Louise XoXo.