Friday, 31 January 2014

January Collective Haul : Goodies!

I am surprised how good I have been with my spending this month. I mean I could of been better but whatever haha. A girl's gotta live right?! Well here are some of the things I got this month =] TGIF!


I cannot quite remember the prices of everything but they were like all 1,2 or 3 pounds I think. Awesome prices for awesome products. Check out the website if you haven't already. Shipping took under 2 weeks and I am like 90% sure it was free with a promotion on. Not sure tho lol.
Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation (Porcelain)
Hide & Conceal (Natural)
Kiss Proof Lipstain X3 (Fabulicious, Kissalicious, Fruitilicious)
Pressed Powder (Shade -1)
Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter
Undress Your Skin Radiant Undereye Concealer
Luxe Lipstick (Criminal)
Pro-Base Conceal & Brighten Kit (Porcelain -Beige)
Trio Eyeshadows X2 (Innocence, Pink Sorbet)

Jordana Lipstick X2 (Iced Pink, Rosette) Some dollar store on Cuba Street aha $3NZD
Garnier Fructis Antidandruff Scrub - The Warehouse $4NZD. I honestly wanted to show you guys this because it is so weird. Has anyone seen anything like this before? A scrub... For your scalp. Sounds abit weird and like a gimmick sort of thing. But I tell you this... I adore this product! Leaves my scalp slash hair feeling so smooth and refreshed. Who would of thought huh?! 

Michael Kors:

You have no idea how happy I was today when the courier handed over the box with this bad boy in it. Ahhhhhhh .... My life is finally complete hehe.


$40CAD I got a Medium because I wanted it to be abit baggy.
This top freaking cracks me up! Possibly a time and a place to wear tho haha.

Glassons Singlet $12NZD
I also got 2 black ones. They are nice and thick aswell. With a nice necklace easy to dress up! Frigin' steal!

Glassons Leopard Top $29.99NZD
Love the loose fit. It's also alittle longer in the back which I adore.
Love always,
Louise XoXo.


  1. I love the MK watch, I love mine so much I wear it everyday.


    1. I am planning on wearing it every day hehehe =] xx.