Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Afew Goodies + My Great Cheap Find!

So I wasn't going to venture out of the house yesturday. I was dressed in a comfy old hoodie and well let's just say it, looked like utter crap. Until my sister said she wanted to visit one of the op shops in town to have a look. Thought I would go along (yes I did go out looking like a tramp aha). You know how it goes...

These are my favourite facewipes I have ever used. I have only ever seen them at Dollar Star (Asian store) in Rotorua. It is correct to say I kind of use them religiously, so I needed to stock up abit before going to Wellington at the end of the month. Only $2NZD each and a pack of these cucumber wipes lasts me almost a whole month.

After Dollar Star we went to Glassons, because my sister needed to buy some new tights. I should of just stayed in the car because I do not need yet another tshirt. I have like 27 of the things (yes 27). But I do love this tshirt, it's nice and relaxed and for a tshirt it is quite warm. The real reason I got this was because i'm really loving mixing stripes with leopard print lately. Is that weird? Lol. This was $24.99NZD which to be honest is more than I would normally spend on a tshirt but meh I love it!

Also from Glassons I got some Ponto pants. They are my favourite pants ever! Like even more comfy than leggings.They kind of suck your legs in abit aswell for a more slimming look than leggings. These were $39.99NZD which for a good pair of pants is super affordable. 

Lastly it was to the Op Shop we go. This was my best find of the day, to say the least. I love going to a good second hand store and sorting through everything, looking for gems like this. While looking through one of the tables, I came across this. The pictures do not do it justice. It is such a beautiful green in person. I'm going to use it as a pretty little vase on my bookshelf and I think, it will go like perfectly with some little pink roses. Well this only cost me 50c. So happy my sister dragged me out to the op shop yesturday!

Love always,
Louise XoXo.


  1. In the UK we have Poundland but its definitely not as good!

    1. Ow how I love cheap shops hehe =D xx.

  2. I like that black and white striped shirt! :)

    1. Same and it's like super comfy! =] xx.