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My Top 5 Coconut Oil Tips & Tricks

So coconut oil was such a craze last year, everywhere on the net. For me it has been a staple in my beauty routine for years. So i'm back today to share my absolute favourite uses of this multi talented oil with you all. There are so many uses for coconut oil, I could go on and on (you all know I would). But these are my top 5 all time uses for coconut oil...

1. Makeup Remover
Unlike the typical makeup remover I use this method after I shower and wash off my makeup. First in the shower I pre-cleanse, using a makeup remover oil. After which I use my normal foaming cleanser. Once i'm out of the shower I rub maybe about half a teaspoon of coconut oil all over my face (including eyes and brows). I massage into my skin for about a minute after I apply to deeply recondition my skin. For the next step you need 2 cleansing wipes (I just use 2 cucumber and aloe baby wipes for this). Remove all coconut oil on the face and then eyes using one wipe. The second wipe is then used to take all the remaining coconut oil off the skin and the eyes (don't get coconut oil in your eyes if you have sensitive eyes like me it tends to not feel the most comfy). After which you just moisturise your skin as per normal. For me this makes my skin feel dewy, clean and hydrated. This is my number 1 favourite use of coconut oil... Ever!

2. Scalp & Hair Treatment
It has always been one of my weekly luxury DIY treatments I have done. I used to just use this particular method on the length of my hair (the ends). Recently I have also had a rash on my scalp that is there in one spot pretty much 90% of the time and itches like crazy. So now I also use this method to condition my scalp also. All I do is grab a tiny bowl and about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Pop the coconut oil in a bowl and to soften it abit I put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds (totally depends on your microwave and its power). Apply to the length of the hair and the scalp. I then go in and massage the product in for afew minutes. How long you leave it in is totally up to you. I like to leave it in while I sleep if I can (make sure you wear a disposable shower cap or use an old pillow case). Then just shampoo and condition as normal and you will be shining and as good as new.

3. Over Night Lip Treatment
Sounds pretty weird to use this tip in my top 5 I bet. But it is winter here in New Zealand and my lips are always and I mean always chapped and dry. No matter what I do, even this most of the time sadly. But my lips would be a whole lot worse if it wasn't for this magic trick. While i'm applying my serum, night cream and eye cream, I also grab my coconut oil and massage a small pea size amount into my lips. I then leave over night to absorb. Boom!

4. Hand & Foot Cream
You probably know how awesome coconut oil is for it's hydrating purposes. At first I never thought about using coconut oil on my hands and feet at all. Then I tried it for the first time and then I was hooked. There isn't any trick to this but to massage a generous amount into your hands and feet, concentrating on any dry or cracked areas. With the feet I then pop on some cotton socks to kind of "lock in" the moisture. With hands just continue with life as normal. When my hands and feet aren't in the best of ways, I use this tip daily then then they are a bit better for wear use this tip in a weekly pamper routine.

5. Stretch Mark Remover
My last tip for the day and one of my tops right now. To explain... The last time I had stretch marks this bad was, when I was about 11 years old and my hips just suddenly grew. Back then I wish I knew about coconut oil and the true benefits to this product. Taking you to the present day, I have purple stretch marks in exactly the same place as before but kind of branching off those earlier ones. I'm not ashamed of them though (as no one should be). Humans have them, it's just what it is. What I do want to do is obviously fade these marks as soon as possible. The method of using this is really, really simple. Twice daily I just massage the oil onto my hips and continue to massage for a few minutes. This step is really important as just applying the oil in itself sin't going to be a magic fix. Using the word magic, some think the marks (stretch marks) are going to disappear all together,,, Unfortunately they wont as the white marks will stay but to be honest they aren't that noticeable (well to me anyway).

So those were my top 5 all time coconut oil tips and tricks. I hope you honestly do try these all of them are gems. Using coconut oil is so cost effective I have saved gosh probably hundreds of dollars (not even joking) using these methods. See you next time!

Love always,
Louise xoxo.

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