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Crazy Cheap Mini Shoe Haul

Hey everyone!
Thought i'd share some shoes with you I purchased online and received in the mail last week. All 3 pairs were only $19.99NZD each.So including the shipping cost it worked out to be $68NZD for all 3. Good time to get in and get some fantastic deals (I'd be lying if I said I didn't have more shoes in my shopping cart haha). These black flats I purchased to wear at work. Glad I did because they are so freaking comfy.
These trainers I purchased just to run errands and kick back in. Again these are super, super comfy.
Can you tell I love animal print? These shoes are beautiful and I love the calf hair (just have to get them water proofed before wearing so I don't wreck them). The only thing with ordering Steve Madden online is i'd recommend trying the shoes on in store as the fit can sometimes be a tad weird.

Love always, Louise xoxo.

How I Organise : Food Edition

In this new series titled How I Organise, I will be sharing my organisation hacks that I use in all areas of my life. I am a crazy person when it comes to lists and organising. The first in this series is Food Edition. From getting meals sorted for dinner each night to writing my shopping list. Stay tuned and let's get organised!

The first thing I do is go to my chalk board sticker which is located on my fridge. It has the days of the week marked out and a space to write next to it (I found this one at Kmart but i'm sure you can find something simular, or even just a notebook would work)

I start with writing up dinner ideas. I always start with Thursday, which is always takeaways since I finish at 7pm. I don't go as in depth as writing which takeaways (I decide on the day). Then I go to write the meals for the rest of the week. If in doubt I get inspiration from online recipes and/or blogs. The asterisk (*) notifies me of what I still need to purchase ingredients for. Once…