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Shiseido All Day Brightener NEW : Product Review

Today i'll be reviewing a new product SHISEIDO WHITE LUCENT ALL DAY BRIGHTENER SPF50+ ... I love reading product reviews & will be doing alot more of these. It's good to know what others who have used the products think. Especially if you're like me, I do research before I purchase literally anything.

What This Product Is All About: If you head over to you can read more indepth about this product & other white lucent products but it's pretty much an innovative daytime moisturiser that imploys an ion veil that targets blemishes & evens out skin discoloration to shine bright all day long. Now I don't want to get too technical here with ingredients or anything, because then even I wouldn't understand myself. Just a little information about an ingredient created by Shiseido:

Proapproachx2 Technology
Resistance: Helps reduce spot production.
Improvement: Continuously releasing brightening & antioxidant agents into the skin th…