Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nail Salon Review : Coco Banana Rotorua

So... Today myself and Laura went to a new nail salon to have a wee pamper. Coco Banana is located on Tutanekai steet in the heart of Rotoruas CBD. I thought i'd come on here and share abit about my experience today.

Customer Service:
We were greeted with a smile. We didn't make an appointment (our bad) but they luckily could take us straight through anyway. The communication and understanding of what we wanted was super clear and everything we asked for we got. Even without asking I was looking at the bunny bag charms and she opened the cubboard for me to have a closer look.

I am a crazy person when it comes to this. Especially when it comes to nails and especially with all the horror stories i've heard. The floor was clean and vacumed. The displays had no dust or finger prints. The chairs were spotless. The tools were clean and even though they were clean I saw the girl using alcohol to wipe everything down anyway.

This place is abit of me. I love it. So glamourous! The chairs you sit in are so comfy so you actually feel like you're having a relaxing treatment (even when you're just getting your nails done). There is also really cute bag charms and jewellery on display which are even for sale.

It ended up costing me $80 (including the ab crystal) which is abit more than i'm use to paying in Rotorua. I had a $20 voucher which I didn't know you couldn't use if the price came to under $100 (was not stated on the voucher at all).

Finished Product:
I really love like really love the finished product. The photos do not do them justice at all. So sparkly and the ab crystal is just stunning, which was inspired by HRH Collection. One nail is a wee bit longer than the others but i'm just crazy picky and nothing a quick file won't fix.

Final Thought:
I'll be going again and again to this nail salon i'm sure.
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Overall Rating: 5/5

Love always,
Louise xoxo.