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Stalking HRH & Donut DRAMA!

Morning, morning!
Yesturday myself & Laura sat down to film The BFF Tag (The bestfriend tag). Honestly if you didn't know we were this weird by now, where have you been? Haha enjoy!

Ow & we're not actually going to stalk HRH Collection by the way it was all good jokes (thought i'd throw that out there).
I'm also sorry I touch my hair all the time. It really annoys me! Haha.

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Love always,
Louise xoxo.

Collective Haul : Beauty, Fashion & Home!

Hey, hey, hey!
I'm back today with a wee collective haul.
Just some stuff i've picked up over the past 2 weeks or so.
It's so funny becuse I have a love hate relationship with hauls (I like them this week) so I filmed one.

Products purchsed:
Marc Jacobs Beauty About Lash Night Kit (I totally just got the pun haha i'm abit slow).
Shiseido Ultimune 30ml
Earrings Aliexpress Link To Store
Glassons Blush Potato Sack (It's legit what I call it)
Ohh Dear! Agenda
Ice White Teeth (Teeth whitening kit)
Baci Acrylic Glasses
Leopard Vans (Yes bitch)

I would of tried to find all the links but i'm too lazy... There is uncle google after all!

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Love always,
Louise xoxo.