Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Top 10 Tips For Kicking Lifes A**!

Read on for my top 10 tips for kicking lifes a** & getting sh** done!...

1. Get out of bed!
I now try to wake up and get out of bed at 5am every morning obviously excluding my weekend (dar). For me I have to have kind of a purpose I supose to get up early, or to be honest i'd stay in bed all day. I love having a morning coffee with my fiance and getting his lunch ready for work, which makes me want to jump out of bed. Mornings are a great time of the day to get extra stuff done that by the end of the day the motivation is lacking. I like to use morings to do some cleaning and also watch youtube which is one of my favourite things to do. Waking up early also gives you more time for your skin care routine or makeup routine, especially if you want to have a play with new products and/or try something new. Other people I know love to wake up early to meditate and exercise. Whatever you love to do just get up early and get it done!

2. Write stuff down!
This is the second tip but it's probably my number 1 tip ever. I write down everything like literally everything. A notebook to carry with you everywhere is a great way to document your thoughts, if you think of something just write it down. A current diary with daily to dos, weekly and monthly views are great ways to plan your life. I even write down general cleaning in every day slot, I find this holds me acountable to actually get it done. Now lists other lists I keep are both to buy and wish list. The wish list is more expensive items that I would have to save for or want items. Then the to buy list is stuff like socks, skincare items or need items. Food preperation is somewhere I like to feel extra organised. I do my shopping weekly so I break my list down into lunches and dinners, it's easier to write a shopping list from this and then it's easier not to just go buying random items at the supermarket. You obviously don't have to be this insane with your lists so if you're just starting out the notebook to carry everywhere is a great option!

3. Just get it done!
Like everyone I have days where I just want to give up, take to the bed and not do a darn thing. This is not ideal and those things you need to get done will just keep adding up and adding up. In the end it will take a million times longer than it would of if you just go it done in the first place. A great rule to go by is if it's going to take less than 1 minute to do, just do it now. 1 minute will seem like nothing but if you leave it and then also leave another 29 small tasks it will end up taking 30 minutes out of your day in conjunction. So hoenstly just do it, you'll feel so much more at ease!

4. Pamper yourself!
I don't know about you but I feel amazing like I can conquer the world when I feel on. What makes me feel on is having a nice face of makeup, fresh pedicure and cleanly pressed clothes. Do whatever makes you feel on, whether it's having a kick ass manicure, freshly waxed brows or freshly blow dried hair from the salon. Set aside a day in your week where you can have a pamper session. Obviously not a whole day, well if you can though why the hell not?! Soon you'll agree with me you'll want to take the world on when you're feeling your absolute best!

5. Just smile!
Even if you're not feeling it, put a smile on your dial. If you have a smile on your face you literally can not feel bad. You are not capible of doing one thing and feeling another. You kind of confuse your brain into thinking you're really happy, even when you're really not. Plus smiles are crazy contagious so when you smile, the world actually does smile back. If you're still not down, tell yourself a funny joke. Even if the joke isn't that funny you can still laugh at the fact you're a weirdo that just told yourself a joke aha!

6. Be kind hearted to everyone (even when you want to slap someone)!
Being a kind person doesn't cost you a thing. Nor does having proper manners. That girl at the coffee shop giving you sass? She's probably having a bad day and fighting her own battles. Just because she's being a bitch, it doesn't mean you need to be. Don't treat people like they're below you and don't hate on those that are above you. We're all just human in the end and all deserve the same kindness and respect, no matter where we came from or where we're going. There will be those days when we cannot be bothered with the human race and it's so easy to take out those frustrations out on those who are around us. Just be kind and it sounds silly but it will make your heart happy!

7. Is there something you've always wanted to do? Just start now!
I had always wanted to start a youtube channel. The idea of vlogging and creating content just sounded so fun to me. I kept putting it off and putting it off. One week I was too ugly to film, the next I was too fat and then I didn't have the right equipment. One day I was like yah know screw this ima start today and i've been having a ball doing it, greatest hobbie ever. My point is if there's something you really want to do no matter what it is just start now. There's never going to be a perfect time really in life to do anything. You'll blink and you will wish you started sooner so just start now!

8. Budget your finances!
Finances are probably the one thing in life that stresses me out the most. When i'm on top of my money I feel like I can literally take on the world. The best way to be on top of your finances is budget and I mean budget every penny. At the top of the list should be any out going expensives you have such as rent or morgage, bills and of course savings (which is best if you set up a side account for). After this comes food, gas and if there's anything you really need that week. Lastly is 'play' money for things such as you want to treat yo self to a wee shopping spree or that new laptop you want to buy for example. Yes it should go in that order and not the other way around, although some days that would be fun if we did live in that world. Doing this and not just guessing your outgoings will help in the long run, especially since you'll have savings and won't be living payday to payday anymore!

9. Make time for your loved ones!
In life it's easy to get so caught up in your own business and what you're doing. Everyone will be guilty of this and not putting aside the hours for those you love that you honestly really should be making a priority. Even if you're busy it's easy to send a text or pop in to see those you love even if it's just for afew minutes. Maybe you have a free night every week where you could do a family dinner, a girls night with your besties or a day you all have off when you could do a lunch date. Quality time doesn't have to mean alot of time!

10. Fuel your body with the right stuff!
My last tip is a boring tip (well I think so). I love junk food and alcohol probably as much as the next person well actually probably more. I'm not saying cut those things out completely but just find the moderation which is best for you. For me that is takeaways once a week and a bottle of wine once a week. So not the healthiest but it's 100x better than what I was doing before. Every day was a free for all of sorts. All the wine and junk I could take in. I didn't feel good at all to say the least. It was fun though and in a perfect world I could do that and feel and look my best. I was starting to put on weight, wasn't feeling my best and in tern wasn't being productive in life what so ever. Fast forward to now, I have loads more energy and i'm looking and feeling my absolute best!

So get out there and live your life because there's a whole lot of life to be lived!

Love always,
Louise xx.