Sunday, 5 February 2017

Shiseido All Day Brightener NEW : Product Review

Today i'll be reviewing a new product SHISEIDO WHITE LUCENT ALL DAY BRIGHTENER SPF50+ ... I love reading product reviews & will be doing alot more of these. It's good to know what others who have used the products think. Especially if you're like me, I do research before I purchase literally anything.

What This Product Is All About:

If you head over to you can read more indepth about this product & other white lucent products but it's pretty much an innovative daytime moisturiser that imploys an ion veil that targets blemishes & evens out skin discoloration to shine bright all day long.
Now I don't want to get too technical here with ingredients or anything, because then even I wouldn't understand myself. Just a little information about an ingredient created by Shiseido:

Proapproachx2 Technology
Resistance: Helps reduce spot production.
Improvement: Continuously releasing brightening & antioxidant agents into the skin throughout the day.

First Impressions:

I'm such a sucker when it comes to beautiful packaging & the packing of this product is everything I like aka shiny & pink. It's super sleek which would make it perfect for travel (not bulky at all) + in the box it comes with an information leflet on the product. The recommended retail price is $99NZD which for a 50ml size, higher end moisturiser is a pretty standard price. The consistency of this product is pretty thin, which for day time I love I don't like anything too heavy (especially under makeup). Now I know we're all meant to use sunscreen on our face daily but to be honest i've never liked the texture, whiteness or the feeling on my skin & believe you me i've tried alot of them. So being that this product is SPF50+ I was abit skeptical at first but honestly there's no whiteness to the product at all, doesn't feel like sunscreen on the skin & the way this moisturiser absorbs so quickly into the skin is probably my favourite thing about it.

After Using For A Month:

At first when I started using this product I was using way too much. I'm pretty heavy handed but all you really need to use is 2 small pearl sized dots. It's not made to be a primer but i've found my makeup sits better now than it ever has & that's just with using this one product. I don't know how to really explain it but, I work in air conditioning so my skin tends to be abit dehydrated by the end of the day. After using this (even on day one) I noticed I still have a wee glow in the afternoon. Not greasy or shiny but just a healthy looking glow. I don't have much pigmentation on my face so I couldn't tell you if i've noticed a difference with that.

Final Thoughts:

This is now I have to say my all time favourite day moisturiser. I do exaggerate quite alot (haha it's true) but i'm not even exaggerating in the slightest. I love that for my skin atleast it can also double as a makeup primer (lazy girl win). It's very rare that I have nothing at all negative to say about a product as i'm hella picky with absolutely everything. I just actually wish it came in a never ending massive container so I would never run out. I totally recommend this product to anyone looking for a new day moisturiser or even just a face sunscreen. You will not be disappointed!

Final Product Rating: 5/5

Love always,
Louise xoxo.